Svetlana Fedorova (Russia): “HMB- that`s what I really need …”

17 Oct 2017 12:53
She is successful, beautiful and passionate. And she also shows incredible results in the HMB-Championships. She is the captain of the female team for fighting “3vs3″, a fighter of the National Team of Russia, a faithful friend, a loving wife and just a very interesting person. She is Svetlana Fedorova from the club “The Western Tower” (Kaliningrad).
HMB-sport came into her life exactly when it was necessary for her and continues to play an important role in the life of our heroine. That’s what she told us about it.

Svetlana Fedorova:
“Once I realized that in my life is not so much bright emotions and interesting events. And then everything turned out quite trivially: my friend and I came to take part in the largest role-playing game of the region on medieval subjects, where I met fighters from the club “Western Tower”. They told me about young and unusual kind of sport called historical medieval battles, and also that there is a very high-level event – HMB World Championship that gathers a huge number of participating countries. I started to study the information, I watched the series “Battle of the Nations”. Particularly struck that in this sport can compete men and also women. And pretty quickly I realized that`s what I really need”.

This girl for now can`t even imagine herself outside of this sport, because she is a real fighter. And HMB-sport is not for the weaks. These are moments of overcoming, great work on yourself, improvement, the opportunity to challenge, test yourself, temper, and find out what are you made of. And it is work hard every day – in order to be able to compete with strong and technical fighters, it is necessary to follow the regime and train regularly.

Svetlana Fedorova decided to share her recipe for successful fights in the lists with HMBIA News:
“As for the improvement of skills – nothing new was invented – it is a constant training and, preferably, with partners that repeatedly surpass you with strength and experience. This is not an easy job. In addition, it is necessary to combine this sport with ordinary things like work and different households. In the modern mad rhythm of life this is not so easy, but I do everything in order to develop more intensively.”

She has people to take an example from. Her mentors – Sergei Ukolov and Eugenii Bedenko, known in the HMB-movement sportsmen and wonderful people. According to Svetlana, each of them has excellent human qualities, that you want to equal, and also they are endowed with devilish talent to combine sporting successes with an intense everyday life. The immediate goal for her is a fight at the “Dynamo Cup”-2017. Her team “Smolnii” will participate in women`s “3vs3″ and, of course, wants to get the gold of the tournament.
In ordinary life Svetlana works in the sphere of sales in the hotel business. Her best friend is her teammate, also a fighter of the National Team of Russia Marina Golovina. Together, girls founded the team “Katyusha”, which was at the beginning of the promotion of women’s team nomination for HMB-sport in their country.

However, having won all possible tops in women bugurts, do not forget that her team “3vs3″ – the current world champions in this category, Svetlana is practicing duels. Hopefully, we will see the results at the HMB World Championship “Battle of Nations” -2018 in Italy.

We thank Svetlana Fedorova for a very interesting conversation and wish, traditionally, the achievement of goals, good tournaments and tough fights.


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