3rd Annual HMB California Classic: waiting for great HMB combats and Medieval show

25 Oct 2017 16:57

The 3rd Annual HMB California Classic tournament is pretty close – it will take place on 11 and 12 of November 2017. We are excited to announce it will perhaps be the largest HMB tournament in the history of the USA!

15 teams representing 23 clubs have already committed to participate in the tournament. And this is not the limit because official sign up will led until 10.31.17. Organizers expect perhaps 20,000 people to attend the event across both Saturday and Sunday.

The tournament will feature HMB combats with armored men and women competing in 5 vs 5 melee as well as single duels in separate categories of polearms, longsword, and sword with buckler. There will also be a mass battles in 21 v 21 category.

The 3rd Annual HMB California Classic will be held under Buhurt League system and HMBIA News is wondering, how do organizers evaluate this new system.

Mark Jackson: “We were very excited to learn of Buhurt League, especially the growth of HMB throughout the world and the collaboration with the Olympic Committee. Our company fully supports HMBIA and their vision. We also believe that a more consistent standard among team selection and tournament scoring will benefit the growth of HMB and prospective participation in the Olympics.

Communication and registration with Buhurt League was very convenient and it was not difficult in any way. HMBIA is most professional and they promptly respond to any inquiries”.

There is no cost for fighters and support staff, onsite camping is available at no additional cost. More detailed about conditions and other useful information you can find by the following link.

On the tournament will work two HMB certified Knight Marshals, three HMB certified marshals, and several trainees from Latvia, Ukraine, Argentina, Mexico, and the USA.

The great event will surely bring a lot of pleasure to all participants and audience, and organizers hope to have a life video stream.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania