Marshals Summit in Argentina: results and impressions

13 Oct 2017 16:57
There 2 new ?ertificated international marshals more in Argentina! That`s the results of first Marshal Summit in Latin America that Argentina held in the end of September. 14 people from Argentina, Mexico and Brasil passed the examinations to become international marshals. 2 Argentinian marshals passed it – Nicolas Garcia and Adrian Carreras got certifications. So there are 3 international marshals in Argentina now. Andy Di Francesco, member of the orgteam of the Summit also took part in exam. She told HMBIA News about her impressions after the event.

Andy Di Francesco:
“Some questions were trikcy but was not hard. Was very useful not only for the ones that take the exam, we have marshals here that don’t speak english, and the summit helped them too, to become better national marshals. In my particular experience I get a little upset with myself, because I knew the answers but the nerves played against me, to approve, you could only miss two answers, and I miss in three… one of the specific questions I miss just because I wanted to finish early and did not read it well… so my anxiety and nerves left me with out the certification.”

Georgy Yurchak, Knight Marshal of HMBIA from Latvia headed the summit and tested all the participants. He was impressed by the incredible rates of HMB-movement development in Argentina. Also he has a good impressions of the summit`s results. He shared it with HMBIA News.

Georgy Yurchak:
“My seminar was productive. Compared with the last seminar in St. Petersburg, when more then 70 participants tried to pass the exam and only 2 did it we got very good results in Argentina. Part of this is due to the language barrier – some of the questions are drawn up so you can not answer them without knowing the language at the proper level. This was done in order to screen out people who will have no opportunity to communicate effectively with other judges, with fighters, with representatives of teams, with the administration. In general a lot of people tried to pass this certification without having a serious fighting experience and marshaling experience”.

Andy also noticed that they are doing a lot in the marshal formation. They conduct workshops for marshals in different province of Argentina.

Andy Di Francesco:
“We have a lot of people that wants to become marshals but do not speak English, so we are making a project in HMB Argentina to certificate National marshals just for national tournaments. I had talked with several marshals of the HMBIA Marshals Committee and we have the support to make it posible. So we have a lot of work to do”.

So let`s wait a little and will see new marshals in actions!


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