“KSR” HMB-club from Poland: trainings-fights-trainings…

16 Oct 2017 13:01
HMBIA News continue to tell you about HMB-clubs all over the world. Its important part of HMB-movement and interesting theme to talk about. Today we want to write about “KSR” HMB-club from Poland. We had a little conversation with Krzysztof Olczak – member of the “KSR” club and wellknown experienced fighter. And that`s what our reporter found out.

Sport club “Knight” is the English version of the club`s name. In polish it’s “Klub Sportowy Rycerz” (KSR). Members using that name for 4 or 5 years but the club itself exists from 2010. Artur Patalas is the captain of the club.

Krzysztof Olczak:
“It’s hard to tell how many people are training in the club right now as we are spreaded in different cities, but we have around 20 fighters armored and ready to Fight. We are training twice a week in armours during weekdays and trying to go as often as we can on weekend tournaments to gather experience and practice”.
But sportsmen from “KSR” do a lot to show good results on the tournaments. Except armoured trainings they often train in soft equipment, some of this guys train also others martial arts like muay thay, judo, boxing or working on their strength doing crossfit and Gym. Such arts is important too. “KSR” members are equal to their leader.

Krzysztof Olczak:
“Definitely the strongest fighter in my opinion is our captain – fearless Artur “Shark” Patalas. But I hope we can show in the nearest future, that we are strong as a team and there are no week points in this machine”.

Krzysztof Olczak, Artur Patalas and others from “KSR” cares about the future of the HMB-sport. Right now they are planning to open Hmb Soft school for children in Lodz. Mr. Olczak noticed, that children are the future of our sport. He also mentioned that there are 3 or 4 schools of soft swords in Poland and HMBIA will help “KSR” to prepare qualificated specialists fot it.

So lets wish “KSR” HMB-club to grow and to take part in high quality tournaments to become more experienced and more tough day by day.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania