“I was impressed by the organization of the event” – participants about Assembly

10 Oct 2017 17:58

Participants of General Assembly highly evaluated efforts of organizers to make a meeting as much comfortable and productive as possible. The totally new format – division into working groups – was fully reasonable.

Dmitry Kunchenko, the captain of “Russia 1” team, shared his impressions about pass Assembly:

“Firstly, I liked a lot the level of meeting organization in general. Organizers made everything well. Honestly, I didn’t suspect for such a high level.

Also I very liked the principle of division into workshops. I managed to take part in Tournaments section meeting and general meeting.

During Tournaments meeting everything was well-defined, questions were essential, the speakers explained everything clearly.

There are no doubts that results of Assembly will influence on developing HMB sport worldwide. Such steps will deliver positive benefits”.

Dmitry especially evaluated the starting Buhurt League. For him as a team captain definitely important to have a fair chances for everyone and the League gives this opportunity. He has told:

“If the organizer’s cooperation on the level of associations will start, that obviously will give a good basis for many teams. It will give an opportunity for teams with different skills to show up themselves. The tournaments will not divide into top-class and ordinary ones anymore. But teams will be able to choose what will be interesting for them, what tournament to apply for participation. If they will be interested to go upper, to the top-division, they can work on it”.

Ivan Koryagin, the head of HMBIA Tournaments Committee, emphasized the performance of Tournament section work:

“We managed to elaborate in detail the duties and activities of the Tournaments Committee during the major HMB international championships (on the example of “Battle of the Nations”). The tasks of the Tournaments Committee were considered, successful solutions were offered, as well as practical recommendations how to avoid the most common mistakes and increase the level of the tournament generally”.

Edouard Eme, the captain of French national team, told his opinion towards working groups format:

«Many were worried by the division into 3 separate workshops, but in the end, we noted that it brought fluidity and concision to the meeting for a great satisfaction!»

HMBIA thanks all the participants for positive comments and effective work during the Assembly.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania