The first Buhurt League tournament in France

19 Oct 2017 17:08

The tournament “Le Tournoi Des Flandres” will take place on the 4th-5th of November and will give a start to Buhurt League in France!

It is the 3rd edition of the tournament organized by the club “Nord Medieval Full Contact”. The event will close the national season of Buhurt. Together with the tournament a medieval festival and many other surprises for the audience will take place.

Edouard Eme, the captain of French national team, noticed: “The Buhurt League ranking system resembles a lot the one we already use in France at a national level”.

HMBIA News asked Edouard about his expectation from this tournament.

Edouard Eme:
“I hope many teams will take this in account and register themselves in the Buhurt League system. I think it important to be a part of the Buhurt League, in the sense that it will tighten the link between tournaments in the world, connecting them in the same league with the same standards. It should also unite the fighters in the same goal to earn more points for their club in the same ranking, so of course, every tournament organizer would want that”.

The captain is sure that including to the Buhurt League system will lead every tournament to a higher level:

“I think it will be like that, considering that we have to achieve higher standards in terms of organization (video marshaling, 50% of HMBIA accredited marshals, compulsory authenticity officer…) and also for clubs that will have to be stricter in their structure, using only a roaster of registered fighters, paying more attention to the coats of arms and shields uniformity”.

Edouard didn’t have any trouble with registration the event in the Buhurt League system. But at the same time, he pointed some inconvenience with the form to register a team: “It is a bit more complicated since you can add only 2 new fighters per month, you have to plan ahead”.

The organizers already registered 18 teams for the tournament.

HMBIA News is thankful for such an informative summary about starting Buhurt League operation and wishes a big success to all French HMB community.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania