First Buhurt League tournament – first impressions!

20 Oct 2017 18:20
Everyone impatiently waited for the ITOC tournament and was confident that it would be held at the highest level. And it was so. The tournament included fighters from different countries, and another fact – it was the first one holding under The Buhurt League system. ITOC showed how the new brand works in practice.

HMBIA News asked key event fighters to share their impressions.

Arturo Gutiérrez Cetina, Captain of “Mexico” team:

“It was a great tournament, with a great organization. I liked the way the marshals took care of things. There were pretty cool fights and I think everyone could notice the teamwork at the tournament.

One of the most exciting moments was the fight between Mexico and Quebec. And also when Mexico fought team USA in the 1vs1 finals.

Among the bad things were discussions between fighters or fighters and marshals”.

The captain is really satisfied with his team’s combats:

“I’m very satisfied, and on a scale from 1 to 10, it would be a 9”.

Vitaly Makaryan, the Knight Marshal of the ITOC, also shared an opinion about important things for his part of tournament work:

“There were 3 marshals referred the tournament and 5 trainees. And I’m satisfied with their work generally.

The current tournament was pretty similar with the ITOC 2016, just a bit less of participants.

For the future, I would like more cameras for video replays – one angle is not enough”.

The opinion of participants about implementation the Buhurt League project is very significant. After all, these system and rules were invented to help teams to grow. So, how The Buhurt League system has influenced and maybe has changed tournament’ flow on ITOC example?

Arturo Gutiérrez Cetina:
“I believe it´s an interesting system, but it’s a really new system and because of that there isn’t a clear result yet. I think the longer it happens we will be able to see even better results. The thing I like the most is that the teams are able to highlight themselves. I think, rules of the Buhurt League system are more dynamic and easier because the rules are clearer. Now it´s just starting, but in a close future it will make a positive influence in every tournament”.

Vitaly Makaryan pointed out other moments:
“I haven’t felt any differences after the Buhurt League implementation yet. The organizers collected the statistic, but other innovations, such as time-out cards or marshals’ substitutions haven’t been used”.

HMBIA News congratulates all participant of the ITOC and will keep track of the Buhurt League on other events.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania