Smith, Australia: “It was nice to compete with more experienced teams!”

15 Sep 2014 10:41

The HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations-2014 was a wonderful experience for the Australian National Team. We went to the Championship after a “crash course” of fights, which we had taken during participation in the Austrian Cup. That tournament was a great opportunity for us to become a real team, to find out what we were capable of. We’re still a beginner team, we need experience. In Croatia, we had great battles with good wins and disappointing defeats. It seems to me we managed to surprise some teams whose captains planned to beat us.

All the National Teams, which we met, were friendly. We made friends with guys from Austria, Mexico and New Zealand.

It was nice to compete with more experienced teams of Poland and Italy! We hope to meet even more experienced teams next year.

I think our team was very successful this year, taking into account we’re small and remote country. We know that next year will be more difficult and we will have to work harder to achieve similar results, as we will no longer be considered “novices.” All the members of our National Team are working hard to come to Battle of the Nations in a year with the same composition and bring new guys.

We thank all the participants and organizers of the Championship, and we’re looking forward to Battle of the Nations-2015!

Paul Smith,

captain of the National Team of Australia

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania