“Iron Tower”. One of the three pillars of Italian HMB sport

24 Sep 2014 19:53

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“Iron Tower”, Italy (Tuscany)
Established in 2014

Italian Tuscany is considered a paradise on our planet! It has stunning landscapes, nature reserves, a thriving wine industry and wonderful, amiable people. Among other merits of Tuscany is a HMB club called “Iron Tower”.

Roberto Fontana, a fighter of Team Italy, member of the club “Iron Tower”, kindly agreed to tell us and the HMB community about his club. So, read carefully!

– Roberto Fontana:
“There are only 3 HMB clubs in Italy, one in the north of Italy and two are in the central part of the country. I am a member of one of those clubs. Our club is located in Tuscany and is called “Iron Tower”. We called the club this way because there’s a famous castle here in Tuscany. In fact, we named the club after it.”

According to Roberto, HMB is a very new sport for Italy, and the three clubs have appeared only this year. Clubs of Slavic countries, having more experience, were taken as a paragon. Relying on the experience of Russians, the Italians organized a place where they can train together and develop themselves.

There are 15 fighters in the “Iron Tower”. The guys train in the club, discuss past fights and try to spend more time with beginners. Novices learn swordsmanship and martial arts at joint trainings. More experienced members of the club help them to choose armor.Historical Medieval Battle fans were able to see the “Iron Tower” club at the HMB World Championships “Battle of the Nations”-2014, the guys were in the “Italy-3″ team.

According to the Italian fighter, all the clubs in Italy cooperate with each other. Their joint work is of great benefit for all of them.

– Roberto Fontana:
“We always keep in touch with guys from other Italian clubs. Together we organize something like an interclub training once a month. It’s great when you can see your old friends, try certain strategic maneuvers, and, of course, fight!”

Like any other sport, HMB needs new people. Italians, like many other representatives of the movement, attract youth’s attention participating in tournaments and festivals. Many people come to look at the brave guys in armor. Often, there are young men and women among the audience who then join the HMB movement and live with it for many years.

The “Iron Tower” club has managed to earn a reputation for a short time. The club is confident concerning its future.

– Roberto Fontana:
“I believe in a great future not only for our club, but also for HMB sport in Italy.”Katherine Koda

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