How to elect a Captain of National Team?

15 Sep 2014 12:45

What makes a good Team Captain article inspired us to write this material. Captain of National Team is an elected position, which means that all responsibility is on fighters, members of a national team.

After 5-years’ experience of organizing World Championships of HMB Battle of the Nations and co-operation with teams, captains and fighters, we can say with confidence that experience is above everything else.

Yes, that’s it. Experience is in charge. Even though, our HMB movement is quite young and develops in a lot of points thanks to enthusiasm of a number of people, experience is even above the enthusiasm. It is like in politics, if a person has a tough character, not everyone loves him or her, but this person successfully trains and equips national team, and also has an experience of organizing at least one attendance at a World Championship, then you should think about his candidature hard. Of course, enthusiasm is highly important, but a person without experience, can “burn” fast, because he/she doesn’t really understand the whole volume of work and responsibilities that a captain of national team has. Enthusiastic people, as a rule, are often moved by romanticism, which is certainly not enough.

But the same approach works from the other direction. Fighters of national team vote for a Captain, and almost always, opinion of a newbie is equal to an opinion of a veteran with 2-3+ years’ experience of participation in World Championships. That’s a common mistake. But as practice shows, the most successful and rapidly developing teams are those where opinion of veterans weights more than opinion of newbies. Remember – it is harder to build than to destroy. And rush of newcomers often might destroy long-years efforts of many people.

We believe that this information will help you in frames of formation, existing and developing of your national team.

HMBIA team

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