Brad Schaive, USA: “Our tournament will gather a lot of men from the Team USA and many other skilled fighters!”

17 Sep 2014 15:23

On October 17-18, 2014 the United States (Springfield, Illinois) will host an International Tournament of Chivalry «ITOC». It is a large and well-known (in the HMB movement) tournament. This year, on October 17, participants will be able to take part in a workshop where the best fighters from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus will share their experiences and offer master classes. The next day, on October 18, fights will be held. The main event of the tournament will be “5 vs 5″ battles. “Duels” of champions and professional fights will be a “warm-up”.

Preparation and conduct of such a serious event is an important and responsible task. Details concerning the organization of the seminar and the tournament itself have been provided by Brad Schaive, one of the organizers of «ITOC», former shareholder and founder of the Armored Combat League, and simply experienced fighter and well-known person of the HMB movement.

– Mr. Schaive, everyone is looking forward to the International Tournament of Chivalry «ITOC», which is to be held in Springfield, Illinois. What do you personally expect from this event?

– I think that what we expect fighters from all over the United States coming to compete against European Knights and also take an opportunity of learning from some of the best fighters in the world.

– What is the cost of participation for a fighter?

– We are not charging any of the fighters. None of the fighters have to pay anything to attend the event. It is all free for the fighters.

– How many people do you expect at the event?

– We will have many fighters from the United States Team at the event, and many of the fighters who will be in attendance at the event have large experience. I think we will have between 30-40 United States fighters. I think 40 United States fighters, fighters from around the country.

– Is it difficult to organize such a big tournament?

– It’s easy to hold the event in Springfield, Illinois for us, because we have a large fanbase who are waiting for the event every year. So we don’t have to work that hard, because this community is very excited about armored combat.

– Who helps you to organize the tournament?

– The group sponsoring the event is “Wrecking Crew Productions”.

– What is the plan of activities for the seminar?

– On Friday, October 17, we plan to discuss tactics and have the school for the fighters. They will be taught by some of the best men in the world, namely from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

– What are the battle categories of the next day?

– We plan to have “5 vs 5”competition and some pro fights competitions, and also some singles (Triathlon).

– Team USA has always had a reputation of a strong and dangerous opponent. Will the US National Team participate in the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2015?

– Yes, we will be sending a team, large team to “Battle of the Nations”-2015 and this tournament is a beginning of that journey.

– Are you looking forward to the year 2015?

– Of course! Many knights and me, who are going to be there, have been fighting since Poland 2012 and France 2013…

– Do you plan to discuss the results of the seminar and «ITOC» tournamentt on their completion? Will other participants get an access to those materials?

– Yes, we want to show video and discuss all the successes of the event and it all will be all open to the public.

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