Team Britain got an unusual souvenir to remember Battle of the Nations-2014

02 Jul 2014 10:09

Fighters of the United Kingdom’s National Team celebrated the completion of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations-2014 not in a usual way. The guys decided to immortalize memories concerning the tournament in their own bodies, in the form of tattoos, which were made by a British well-known master Drew Le Fox. He developed a special design for the competition marshals and fighters.

According to Le Fox, a small image united many symbols which formed a graceful memo about Battle of the Nations-2014 held in Trogir (Croatia). According to the author, the image includes letter “T” indicating the venue of “Battle of the Nations” (namely the Croatian town of Trogir), “cross” as a reminder of the Knights Templar, as well as “crossed swords” for fighters, or “flags” for the tournament marshals.

The symbolism of “ritual” consisted in the fact that the tattoo was given not in advance, but in Trogir, on the last day of the Championship, namely on June 15, 2014, and in the territory of the medieval Kamerlengo fortress.

According to Jon Barry, a field marshal from Britain, the idea with tattoos appeared not by chance. Tattoo master Drew Le Fox was a fighter of their national team.

Le Fox has been dealing with tattoos for just five years, but has already achieved substantial results (as for his young age). Drew has already won titles of “Best Novice of the Year” and “Best tattoo master of the year” by British «Skin Deep Magazine».

Drew explains the desire of his comrades to get a memorable tattoo very simply: “We do it to be able to remember significant moments of our lives even when we’re 70.”

We should note that the process of tattooing was organized according to all the rules. By the way, many wanted to get such an unusual souvenir. The first volunteer was a woman, Le Fox’s fellow-citizen.

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