The best armory was chosen at “Battle of the Nations”-2014

16 Jul 2014 14:21

Winner of the category for the best armory was chosen by a special international committee composed of representatives of Russia and Ukraine. The best one, in their opinion, was the «Age of Craft» company, a well-known workshop manufacturing handmade armor.

“Armor and weapons are too important elements of our sport to treat them carelessly. A fighter has to be well-protected and feel safe while wearing armor and preparing to fight, armor has to protect his body, and weapons have to be durable and reliable. Choosing a winner of the category, we used a number of criteria applied to the nominees and evaluated producers meticulously and scrupulously,” told committee’s representatives.

The winner was chosen by certain parameters every modern workshop has to meet. In particular, the basi? points are the following:

– range;

– aesthetic appearance;

– quality of goods;

– quality of used materials;

– authenticity of armor;

– correlation of price and quality;

– market experience;

– fighters’ responses.

The «Age of Craft» company, according to the committee, corresponds to the highest demands. Although, as experts said, the competition is increasing from year to year.

“This cup is a confirmation of the quality of our goods and loyalty members of the HMB movement show us. We want to say a big thank you to all the organizers of the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2014 for their work and creation of such a spectacular and large-scale event. And, of course, thanks to you, our clients, friends, for being with us all this time and helping us to become better,” said Roman Bulgakov, manager of the « Age of Craft» company.



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