Battle of the Nations-2014: “If you train, you will be a champion”

16 Jun 2014 11:58

An official closing ceremony of the fifth Championship in HMB Battle ofthe Nations was held on Sunday, June 15. Now we know all the winners, all the champions of each represented category. The anniversary “Battle of the Nations” has offered a new category, namely “1 vs 1” female fights. Women represented their national colours with dignity in Trogir. The strongest woman is Tatyana Guseva from Russia. Tatyana practises fencing, she has 12 years of experience. Recently she has started practising Crossfit.

Guseva has visited the Championship for the third time, but it has been her first year of participation. For two years she attended the event with her boyfriend, fighter of the National Team, Yevgeny Lapik. This year the female category has been introduced and Tatyana came to the event to represent Russia and be its number one fighter.

“We gathered almost before the qualifying event where our National Team’s membership wasdetermined. My coach Sergey Ukolov made me participate in the qualifier and I won it. And then I came to “Battle of the Nations”, the champion said.

Tatyana has experiece of participation in similar events held in Russia, and she won them. Evenmore, she defeated men.

“I won a “1 vs 1” fight against a man. I beat him in the second round and he withdrew. It was my first worthy victory.” This year Tatyana attended “Battle of the Nations” together with the National team and won the category. It’s natural since Team Russia is the absolute world HMB champion. The second and third places went to Galina Kokhvakko and Yana Zabolotnikova (both from Russia).

“If you really want something, you can achieve that. If you want to win “Battle of the Nations”, you’ll do that. If you train, you will be a champion,” Tatyana Guseva said.

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