Juri Lönn: “This trip really made us battle brothers for life”

03 Jul 2014 13:14

Among the old teams, which participated in the fifth Battle of the Nations spectators were managed to see new and enthusiastic teams. And one of them is National team of Finland. Fighters of which gave us an opportunity to witness their debut on the world list at the “Battle of the Nations”. This team has just appeared in the HMB movement, but the fighters showed awesome results. Moreover, they became winners of the nomination “The best debut”, as a team who got victory in main number of fights of the category, and did their best.

“We were totally unprepared for the fights. I personally had fought only 5 times in HMB qualified armour before the event and I got my armour from mail just 4 days before our first official fight. The situation wasn’t much better for any of our fighters. The only positive thing about this set up was the fact that we truly understood our weaknesses and adjusted our tactics to cover those as best as we could. And also, we knew that whatever our ranking would be, we were winners the moment we first walked to the arena. After all the problems and obstacles we had to overcome to get to Trogir, the feeling of seeing the first Finnish fighters walk to the arena was overwhelming. We were actually fighting in “Battle of the Nations”!

National team of Finland gained a great experience so they are more than ready for the next year, and the next “Battle of the Nations”.

“We faced the experienced and tough team Belarus 2. Basically we lost to team, then won against team Luxembourg and after that lost to the same team Belarus again. We didn’t go down easily and we made the Belarusians fight for their victory. I remember the fights again Belarus being much more intensive than most of our other fights, and we learned much from fighting against such an experienced team”, – says Lönn.

“As a captain, it was great to see how our fighters, who didin’t know each other very well before the trip, bonded and grew to be a proper fighting team, which would take care of their own and support each other in all things. This trip really made us battle brothers for life”.

Juri Lönn,
captain of National team of Finland

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania