Michael Tegge, Friesland: «We will come back in 2015 with a strong buhurt team and much stronger triathletes»

02 Jul 2014 13:12

National Team of Friesland has their own debut at World Championship Battle of the Nations this year in Trogir. Moreover it became an opportunity to represent their nation among the countries on the global arena. “The first time ever a National team of Friesland joined a World Championship. All other Frisian sports are organized in Netherland or German associations… The only sport, which Frisian association represents, is “Frisian association for Klootshooting” but they are doing their sport in European Championship, not in Word”, clarifies captain of National team of Friesland Michael Tegge.

“We had only 6 months to trainee and build our team, so I am very proud, that we reached rank 7 in women category and rank 25 in men Triathlon. Our buhurt team did it best. Unfortunately we didn’t have reserve in our team. We had some problems at this Battle of the Nations and medics diagnosed some heat shocks, but we are glad that we had cope with it and spent a good fights”, remembers Tegge.

Frisian captain promises to come back next year to Battle of the Nations with a big luggage of experience and knowledge, which they gained in Trogir.

“We will come back in 2015 with a strong buhurt team and much stronger triathletes. We were very glad and impressed by the comradeship between the National teams and found new friends in the teams of Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Luxemburg, Croatia and Ukraine.

I liked Trogir so much, because of medieval atmosphere, and I would say that it is a beautiful place for holding such event as the World Championship in HMB Battle of the Nations.

Michael Tegge
captain of National team of Friesland

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania