Battle of the Nations-2014: “Normal Scottish weather”

14 Jun 2014 14:48

HMB fighters are those people, who adore their deal and will fight bot in the cold rain and under the burning sun.

It is the 3rd day of a World Championship Battle of the Nations-2014. Fights started with a cloudy sky, and till the midday Trogir had a big rain.

We have a lot of fighters of different countries. And a Southern sun is quite uncommon for example for British people. But todays weather allowed them to fell like at home. And the Scottish Dave McNaughton shared an impressions with me:

“You know, the weather is quite dramatic. The point is that it is not so hot, it’s cool weather both for spectators and fighters. It’s not hot. It’s Scottish, and it’s rainy. You know, talking about impressions, the weather is great for us now. But I’m not probably sure that everybody feels the same. As for us, it’s our normal Scottish weather”, said Dave

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania