Josiph Pohl, Czech Republic: “It was an awesome experience for us and a great school!”

21 Jun 2014 11:04

This year we did good fights! In 2013 in France was our first time fighting, and since that time we have done a lot of trainings to be more prepared at his Battle of the Nations-2014. And I hope we did! When we participated in mass battles and when almost everybody was on the ground only Czech fighters left. I like that!

This year we managed to fight with France, Belarus, Ukraine and it was an awesome experience for us and a great school!

Among the new teams we were surprised with Mexican fighters. They won a lot of fights. And we didn’t expect them to be prepared like this. And this is really interesting thing, it’s great that someone can surprise.

Josiph Pohl,
captain of National team of Czech Republic

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania