Ways to enjoy Botn more

17 Sep 2021 18:47

The HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” is a great opportunity for participants to visit a new country, get acquainted with its culture, and also enjoy all the opportunities that the championship itself provides. 

Many teams from various countries come here for the extensive sports program that is held here, however, there is always a place for recreation and cultural exchange. This opportunity is never neglected by the tournament participants.

Representatives from Mexico, the USA, and Brazil told us what they like to do in their free time at the “Battle of the Nations”.

So how do fighters spend their free time?

Armanda Nemeth, Mexico:

We love enjoying the rest of the “festival”: the shows, the stands, the other fights. We also love trying the local food and meeting our friends from other countries. There are many stories my teammates and I have, regarding our “non-fighting” time: arm-wrestling, wrestling in the mud on the free nights and some other get-togethers. 

There is one from the last BotN in Serbia: there was a “food wagon”, a literal wagon just outside the fortress, with delicious, inexpensive food and WiFi, we had lunch there almost every day. One of the waitresses there approached us and told one of my teammates that he looked just like the main male character from a “telenovela” (soap opera) she liked, a Mexican telenovela called “Rubí”, and started calling my teammate “Alejandro” which is the name of the character. We found out Mexican telenovelas are a great hit in Serbia and some people even learn some Spanish from them. It was so nice to know that”. 

It was like a little “Hi” from their Motherland, support, and reason to have a good laugh. 

Representatives of the team USA prefer a quiet rest after the intense battles of the tournament days.

Shanna Martin:

“I’ve noticed most of us after a day of hard fighting like to go for walks, grab dinner, explore the culture of wherever we’re fighting, and – if it’s the last day of fighting – we love to have a little party

Sometimes we visit the camp of our friends from different countries, sometimes we invite them to visit our camp. We are always fun and interesting.

Also, a lot of the US fighters take care of each other. So if the boys are fighting, the girls will be supports. And if the girls are fighting, the boys will be supports for them. And if the USA isn’t fighting on a certain day, we support and cheer on our friends from other countries”.

The Brazilian team also loves to discover new places for themselves, to walk around the city. But, they especially love to communicate. These cheerful and hospitable guys just love to spend time with their friends from other countries and meet new people. Often, many different fighters gather at the hearth near their camp. Tournament stories are told here and sometimes Brazilian snacks and drinks are offered. But not only by communication and battles do the Brazilians remember the Battle of the Nations. There is always something happening next to the camp.

João Zerbinatti:
“If we still have fights on the next day, it’s common to stay focused, maybe just a walk on the fair or a good talk with old friends from other countries. But… As soon as it ends, a great sense of relief spreads and we can`t refuse to have a good party with friends from across the world. 

I’m afraid that if I tell you about our parties, I’ll have to kill you. There was a time in Rome when everybody started arm wrestling in front of our camp. That was fun! Or the other time When two Russians started challenging other countries with some game. Thankfully no-one got hurt ”

And, of course, do not forget about the traditional exchange of presents between the participants and the exchange of tabbards as a keepsake. These small gifts make you smile for many years, remembering the gifters and the championship at which the gift was received.

These are wonderful traditions and wonderful times when many people, united by one common cause, can come together. Such moments are invaluable to each of us.

We are confident that soon we will all be able to come together again to hold great fights and fun parties in the camps of the teams at the most important HMB tournament in the world – the Battle of the Nations and bring home not only medals and cups, but also fond memories of the time spent there.


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1st-4th July
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