The story about people who are not afraid to show their love

11 Sep 2021 22:47

We have all loved HMB sport for many years. This is understandable and a mutual feeling. So, today we will talk about those who wear this love not only in their hearts but also on their bodies … in the form of a tattoo. 

A month ago, we posted the request on our social media to share your photos of your HMB tattoos. We have received many responses and are very grateful for the amount of pictures we received. They are all incredible! 

But it turned out that there are even families who have tattoos dedicated to our sport. We talked to the owners of these tattoos.

The first story came to us from IsraelWe know its heroes very well – the Vice-captain and fighter of the HMB Israel team Irina Rogozovskaya and HMBIA Marshal Mikhael Epelman. 

 “We did the tattoo on May 29, 2018. We came up with it together. The idea was to make a common tattoo that shows our love and our love for HMB. 

There is a falchion that symbolizes Irina as the fighter and the marshal’s flag that symbolizes me”, said Mikhael. 

 Despite the fact that at tournaments this couple stands for different sides, in life it is an unbreakable union.

 Yorick Zelessen and his girlfriend Cabriëlle Hendriks, members of Lions of Steel from the Netherlands also decided on a matching tattoo, where they show a declaration of love for sports, the Battle of the Nations, and each other.

Since the first time I saw HMB I fell in love with the sport and everything that comes with it. Not being able to fight myself, because of fibromyalgia, I took the job of support on me. This way I could still play my part in the sport. The tattoo stands for my love for HMB. I came up with its design myself and discussed it with Remko Jansen, who is a fighter and also a tattoo artist. He made a sketch based on my idea and, and inked the tattoo on us”.

“I already had another BotN logo tattoo after my first BotN in 2015.  But after I saw the final design of this tattoo I asked Cabriëlle if she would mind if I would also get this tattoo. So we decided to have it placed at the same place on our arms. For me, this tattoo stands for the path of HMB that Cabriëlle and I have always walked togetherPlus, a tattoo done by a team member makes it very special.” 

From the Netherlands, we move over to Australia, where another famous couple in our community lives. 

Skye Bernie, the fighter from Australia showed her tattoo also responding to our post on social networks. The image is tiny, but the meaning of it is huge!

“I chose the HMB helmet as a reminder that I participated in the Battle of the Nations 2014. The design is based on the helmet, which is also the Championship logo. I wanted the design to be relatively simple as I wanted to place the tattoo on my thumbMy tattoo artist suggested adding a gradient shading to the image. For me, this is a symbol of all the efforts that I put into training to enter the Battle of the Nations lists under the flag of my country. I decided to choose the thumb because I wanted to choose a place where I can see the tattoo at all times. It supports and motivates me, especially in these difficult times of the Covid-19 isolation”, said Skye.

Bryce Lightbody, her partner, and the HMB Australia team captain does not have the same tattoo. 

So why did we tell you about Skye? Bryce admitted that he is going to get the same tattoo for himself, but after the quarantine period ends, and he will have access to tattoo artists. And then this small but very significant tattoo will also become a family one.

We cannot express in words how happy we are to hear your stories that our common HMB sport is another factor that unites 2 loving people and, in principle, a huge number of people around the world.

Our editorial staff thanks to our today’s heroes for their interviews and is looking forward to meeting them, and all of you, at the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations in Romania. 

We believe that soon this whole nightmare associated with the pandemic will end and we will be able to get together again for the sake of what we all love so much – HMB fights!





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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania