Botn 2022: call to arms!

09 Jan 2022 16:23

The long-awaited Battle of the Nations will take place this year! We have been waiting for this news for too long and when it finally received confirmation, there was an inimitable sensation among the HMB community around the world!

There was a lot of joy and doubt in the comments under the post on social media. Gao Peng, captain of the Chinese national team, spoke very sincerely about this event:

“In China, from covid-19 suffered, we made three Buhurt League tournaments, and now have six teams in different places and over 60 fighters of full gear. We’ve been hungry for the next BotN since 2019, but for us, the biggest issue to come to BotN is our national epidemic prevention policy.

Everyone knows that our country has the hardest epidemic prevention in the world. For example, if we come to BotN, when we return to China and land, it will be 14 (in hotel) +7 (in home) days quarantine waiting for us. Think about it, it’s a HUGE cost for the common people.

But for BotN, I think it’s worth it, and we will try to get to it”, said Peng.

Over the next months, the countries will host qualifying tournaments for a place in the national team. Many have already managed to form a team for their country.

“We are very excited for the upcoming BotN in New Zealand. We have our national selection tournaments coming up this month for profights and 1v1 and team fights early next month. Hoping to send 5v5 for male and female which will be our first female team overseas just having issues finding 5th female fighter”, said Dean Sinclair, captain of the HMB New Zealand team.

But, for example, fighters from Denmark are waiting for the World Championship with special impatience, because they have to go up against the strongest!

Frederik Søjborg, fighter of the HMB Denmark team:

“We will go to the Battle of the Nations 2022 for sure. All is booked. Only it seems crazy we as a country are in the Gold Division in the 5 vs 5 male buhurts, but we will take whatever!”

However, it is worth remembering the dates and terms of registration of the national teams, so that the national teams’ fighters have adventures only in the lists of the Battle of the Nations!

Let us remind you BotN deadlines:

15.01.22 – 15.03.2022 

1st stage of the BotN 2022 registration. All National delegations have to fill the certain form of the preliminary application. At this stage it’s required to inform organizers about the approximate number of fighters and civil participants, possible ways of traveling, plans for accommodation (camp or hotel).

16.03.2022 – 30.04.2022

2nd stage of registration. All National teams have to register all civils and fighters in all categories for the draw, provide requests for transfers, camp staff, parking places.

Hurry up! The first stage of registration will begin in a few days! You can read more about the registration steps here.

It is worth noting that as part of the recent marathon of letters from HMB Santa, many of you asked for a Christmas miracle in the form of low prices for air travel to Romania.

We hope that nothing can prevent us all from meeting in Romania at the main HMB World Tournament in June 2022!


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania