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03 Sep 2021 16:29

The Romanian city of Oradea will host the next HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations. We are all looking forward to it and decided to prepare for you a list of city attractions that are worth visiting while in Oradea. Not everything is collected here that can please and surprise this city. We will definitely tell you more about the tourist places of Oradea and its environs.

And we will start, of course, a fortress, within the walls of which the most anticipated event in the HMB world will take place – the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations.


The first settlement for the fortress was a fortified church which was built between 1077 and 1096 by Ladislau the 1st. The power and scale of the so-called “Gate of Transylvania” can be seen as an example of the fortress building of that time. This is the place where you can literally feel the history. Today it is one of the symbols of the city along Crișul Repede river and the heart of its cultural events. The old walls remember everything that used to happen inside it. She tells these stories by potholes on the walls. And each brick is like a separate page of a history book.  It is the place where medieval music concerts are held, fighting demonstrations are shown and guided tours accompanied by weapon and armor presentations usually steal the attention of tourists. The Fortress is a popular attraction for the guests of the country and locals. Here are also some of the new functions of the Fortress:

– the City Museum
– the Museum of Bread
– the Bakery, dating more than 3 centuries back
– cafés
– traditional restaurants.

Apollo-Felix Waterpark

If you want to relax a bit after the tough fights, you can visit this park.  It is the most modern thermal water complex in the western country open throughout the year, being completely renovated and offering 10 pools that delight tourists from everywhere: thermal water pools with hydro massage, swimming pools with waves, relaxation pools, children pools, slides. Here you will find fun, relaxation, and adventure 365 days a year in one place for all families or even the whole HMB national team! 

There are dining areas, bars, bakery, shops, football field, massage, pedicure, playground for children. The place operates all year long.

The Neolog Synagogue Zion

In 1878, the Jewish community built a monumental synagogue on the banks of the Krigul-Repeda River, which could accommodate 1,000 people. The huge central dome that rotates the building is worthy of special mention. The project was designed by Bush David in a neo-Moorish style and executed by the architect Rimanozi Kalman (father). The interior fresco is by the artist Horowitz Mor from Kosice. The interior and exterior decoration is made in the Moorish style.

Looking down at the dome will take your breath away! The incredibly beautiful building is undoubtedly worthy of you to visit and take home your memories of it.

Moon Church (Biserica cu Luna)

Since 1793 this church has been bearing its unusual name. The fact is that a unique watch created by the local innovator mechanic George Ruppe is installed here. You can see the miracle of technology in the tower of the church.

Ruppе developed a mechanism to show the phases of the moon’s rotation. It is calculated to complete a revolution on its axis in 28 days, thus indicating the phases of the moon depending on the diurnal cycle marked by the clockwork.

In addition, there is a museum on the territory of the church, where there are many exhibits related to the Orthodox Church.

Oradea City Hall Palace and Tower 

This large-scale and majestic building was designed by the architect Rimanchi Kalman Jr. Construction began at the end of the 19th century (1896), and already on January 10, 1904, the first solemn inaugural meeting of the local council took place here.

The main city tower, about 50 m high, has 4 main levels, three of which have observation platforms. The view here is simply incredible. But this is only for people who are not afraid of heights! The second level of the tower carried a very important function for the city – it was an observation platform for the city firefighter on duty. The fire was announced by ringing the bell, depending on the location of the fire.

The tower also houses the city’s main clock, which tells the exact local time. This watch has its own name. Locals call them “mother’s watch”. Every hour the mechanism reproduces the Yanku march. Local watchmaker Mezey Dezs built the movement in the early twentieth century, in 1904.

The history of this watch itself is very rich. They survived two world wars, and the roof and wall of the tower survived two large fires in 1917 and 1944. The dial of the watch retains the bullet holes left here during the Second World War. However, even today, they invariably show the time accurately. It is not for nothing that they say that what is done with love can live forever. This watch is clear proof of that!

Ion C. Brătianu Park

A place of peace and quiet, where you can hide from the hustle and bustle of the city. It will be comfortable for those who wish to walk along the park alleys and just breathe in the fresh air. In addition, it is a great place for those who, even while on vacation, love to jog – the track is more than a kilometer long and is rated “Easy”. There are also playgrounds and sports areas.

Tarii crisurilor museum

Walking along the streets of Oradea, you can visit the Art and Science Museum, the richest collection of exhibits of which can surprise even the most discerning tourist. The museum was opened on January 17, 1971, in a restored Baroque palace (or Episcopal palace).

At the end of 2010, the museum’s fund contained more than 200 thousand exhibits, including historical documents, historical photographs, periodicals, various maps, and plans of buildings. And also an excellent exposition of the art department, where modern Romanian artists and sculptors are presented, an ethnographic section, a biological and field ontological section. Here everyone will find something close to his heart.

The museum is located in the northwestern part of the city near the park on Otrandului Street. Don’t pass by.

This is not all that the wonderful Romanian city of Oradea can please us with. There is a lot more here and we will definitely tell you about interesting places in Romania and the city of Oradea so that your vacation is unforgettable! In addition, we are confident that the “Battle of the Nations” itself, which will unfold in the Oradea fortress, will become an unforgettable event that we will all remember for a long time.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania