HMB New Zealand have a new leader

29 Sep 2021 14:42

New Zealand had to say a sad goodbye to their previous National Team Captain, Cody Hamilton, and now welcomes their new Captain, Dean Sinclair. The HMBIA News team decided to get acquainted with the new leader of the national team and asked him for an interview. Dean accepted our invitation. The conversation turned out to be short, but very informative.

  • How long have you been involved in HMB sport?

I got into HMB through a great friend in 2015. At that time, I was already competing nationally for powerlifting and strongman but decided to take my new found passion to the next level.

I competed at Dynamo Cup in 2016 and led the team in 2018. These were the highlights of my fighting career.

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the last BotN (Serbia in 2019) due to finances and unforeseen situations. However, I eagerly wait for Covid-19 restrictions to lift, so I can make the trip to what I feel is the greatest competition – Battle of the Nations. I look forward to competing and seeing all my International friends again soon.

  • What was the process of election in NZ?

After the resignation of the previous Team Captain, the New Zealand National Federation (HMBNZ) gathered the New Zealand fighters that went to BotN Serbia (2019) in a Facebook group to set up polls and hold discussions.

The National team Captain Selection group asked for nominations from the HMB New Zealand membership. Four nominations were received from the membership, 1 member of the fighters that went to BotN Serbia considered the position – making 5 nominations received in total.

After consideration and discussion of the nominations, the selection group chose to interview two top candidates, and I was one of them. Over an online meeting they asked me questions on my comprehension of the BotN categories, and the HMBIA criteria of nationality, medical and authenticity. I had to give good answers on how I would organise and support all team and duel fighters training and preparation for the next BotN. I discussed with the interview panel my ideas for how I planned to achieve the objectives of the role when there is the possibility that athletes might be training solo due to Covid-19 restrictions.

After consideration of the interview notes, the selection group voted and I won by a clear majority of votes.

  • What does it mean to be the captain of the National team of New Zealand for you?

Being elected Captain is a great honour. I feel privileged to be chosen to fill the shoes of the great captains that have come before me.

As we prepare to travel across the world, I feel I carry the mana (honour) of my forefathers, embracing their strength, talents, and pride of taking warriors to battle and bringing them home safely.

Being Captain is a personal achievement that demonstrates my growing hautūtanga (leadership) to rally, guide, and support my team in hard times and promote a sense of unified strength – Kia kaha tatou (Stay strong).

  • What are your main tasks in this position?

My tasks are to select the fighters for and lead the New Zealand national team for all categories at Battle of the Nations.

With the help of the New Zealand National federation, I will support the national team fighters in individual development, and organise the national team training opportunities to develop team fighting cohesion. This includes: remaining injury free, sharpening their techniques, practice and perfecting a game plan, and team-building exercises.

  • Are you planning to make changes to the existing way of life of the HMB community of the country?

With HMBNZ becoming a nationally recognised sport organisation in New Zealand, I hope to take this opportunity to expose this great sport as an option to the younger generation and increase our community of athletes.

Over the last few years, the numbers of female participants have grown. They are strong competitors that I look forward to encouraging them to fight internationally as a representative of New Zealand.

With the help of our President, Dayna Berghan-Whyman, I believe we will be able to collectively come up with new strategies to build stronger teams across all categories.

As we can see, the captain has big plans. We are confident that working together with the management of HMBNZ they will achieve all the goals set.

It was great to meet Dean Sinclair. We wish him success in such a high and honorable position and look forward to the opportunity to meet him and the entire New Zealand team in the list of the most important HMB event in the world – the HMB World HMB Championship Battle of the Nations!


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