Shestakov, Estonia: “We’ve understood ways of further development taking into account “Battle of the Nations”-2014 results”

10 Nov 2014 12:38

– The off-season –

We hold our big Estonian workout once a month in Tallinn and Narva. It shows us a lot of important things, namely skills of our men, their level of training, their weak ponts.

Now, for the most part, people want to go somewhere in Russia, they take our eastern neighbor as a paragon. It’s our immediate task, but we need to get rid of a small obstacle before going anywhere.

We had a technical pause after “Battle of the Nations”-2014 because the armor, we had made for the tournament, turned out to be not very appropriate, so our men started to rearm. We were in a hurry before the Championship, you know. And now, taking into account the results of the event, we clearly see ways of further development. We plan to get optimal armor, Russians and Ukrainians have much more reliable and lighter armor. We’ve ordered file-hard armor, which is light, durable and convenient. It is a very big step forward, but at the moment we have a situation when a part of our armor is disassembled, or sold, i.e. we do not have enough equipment. We will wait a little, update our armor, and then continue to fight.

We’re going to hold two tournaments in Estonia before “Battle of the Nations”-2015. The first tournament will, probably, be hold in February, and then we’ll organize a major training for the Team.

Roman Shestakov,
Historical Medieval Battle club union of Estonia



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania