Clothing Issue

06 Nov 2014 12:24

“What clothes are the best for training?”

– Frequently Asked Questions / Information for novices –

Everything depends on what you are going to do. If you’re going to deal with general fitness exercises, then you can use casual, comfortable clothes. You can even wear a tailcoat with a bow tie, if you wish!

If you practise tyre striking, you can put on an underarmor clothing and some armor elements to “plunge into the era” (and get used to that, too). For example, you can use gauntlets and vambraces.

We want to remind you once again that you shouldn’t wear a full set of armor every time you train, because it leads to joint injuries. Concerning the issue of “Frequency of training in full armor”, HMB fighters aren’t unanimous here. Experienced fighters recommend to train in full gear from one to four times a month. So, the decision is yours, listen to your body.

In any case, the moratorium on frequent training in armor is the only limitation. As for the rest, use the clothing which is comfortable for you.

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