“MCSF Jyväskylä”, Finland. Guys who warm up public before “Manowar”

11 Nov 2014 17:49
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“MCSF Jyväskylä”, Finland
Established in 2014

Finland is rich not only in beautiful nature, stable economy and Santa Claus. People love and actively develop the HMB movement there. Today, there are 3 clubs practising HMB sports in Finland, namely “MCSF Helsinki”, “HMB Lappeenranta” and “MCSF Jyväskylä”. We’ll tell you about
the latter today. Juri Lönn, captain of the National Team of Finland, will tell us about his club, as well as the prospects of HMB sport in Finland, because everything is interconnected :).

– Juri Lönn, captain of the HMB club “MCSF Jyväskylä”:

“We have just begun to develop the sport in Finland, and I want to note that the clubs are rapidly evolving. Most likely, there will be more clubs in the near future. As for me, I represent a club dealing with medieval sporting fights, it is called “Jyväskylä” and I am its captain. The club is located in the central part of Finland, in the city of Jyväskylä. I am proud to say that the National Team of Finland that participated in the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2014 had three fighters of our club (together with me).

The history of our club is very short. The club was formed in early 2014, and now has about ten people. All members of our club are active fighters. We pay much attention to training. We work on strategy, tactics and, of course, physical and combat training”.

According to Finnish fighters, they use different types of weapons, soft, wooden, and, of course, iron (metal) arms. A very important point for the guys is an exchange of experiences, they value both the experience of seasoned fighters and fresh ideas concerning strategy given by novices.

 – Juri Lönn:
“We are constantly looking for opportunities to learn something new. We often visit master classes given by trainers from Russia, and at home we constantly attract specialists in different types of martial arts, we learn techniques of MMA, kickboxing, boxing, visit trainings of other clubs… We “absorb” any techniques which complies with the HMB rules and can help us to win.

Being the captain of the club and National Team, I always keep in touch with members of other clubs. We believe it is necessary, because our clubs collaborate and constantly exchange information. This year, our National Team that participated in “Battle of the Nations” was formed of men representing all the clubs of our country.”


Though members of the club “MCSF Jyväskylä” are busy with trainings and making careers, they believe it is important to develop the HMB movement in the country, to attract new people to the sport. The guys spare no effort, time and creativity to do this. They participate in various festivals and events regularly, showing people HMB sport in all its beauty and dynamics.

– Juri Lönn:
“We use a lot of techniques to attract new people to our movement. Festivals, shows of fighting in armor give us a real opportunity to get people interested. Watching the shows, looking at beautiful armor, weapons … many young people become interested in trying to participate in a fight, and then they can not stop. It fascinates them! We are also working on the creation of a promotional video featuring fights of our team to upload it to YouTube.”

By the way, one of such promotional events was the joint performance of representatives of all Finnish HMB clubs at a concert of the legendary band “Manowar” in Helsinki.


– Juri Lönn:
“Our promotional campaign was a success! Specially for us, organizers built the lists right in the middle of spectator grounds, and we fought in between performances of groups. It was very convenient for us and for the audience. There were 4 groups at the concert. Naturally, “Manowar” were the last to perform. Accordingly, we had three performances. “Metalmusic-festival” was dedicated to warriors of past eras. Spectators liked our performances, and we gave them a decent show! We ran out of promotional flyers very quickly, as people showed genuine interest in HMB. We really interested people with our sport.”

Reputation is important in any business. So, today the guys are working hard to create a positive, and, most importantly, tough reputation for the club. And they’re making grand plans for the future.

– Juri Lönn, captain of the HMB club “MCSF Jyväskylä”: 
“Currently, all HMB fighters of Finland know each other, because we are not numerous :). But I hope our friends from other clubs know that our guys from Jyväskylä are serious fighters.

We have very ambitious plans for the future. We want our club to provide the toughest and best fighters from all over the country for the National Team of Finland to participate in the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations.”

Christina Korneva

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