Maksimenko, Latvia: “I remember being proud of my fighters when they fought against Poland…”

06 Nov 2014 11:11

Vladimir Maksimenko (Hartman Enon),
fighter of “Lubeck” club (Latvia),
captain of the National Team of Latvia

When the euphoria of “Battle of the Nations”-2014 was gone and the first materials began to appear on the Internet, indigenous people of Latvia started to join us and offer their help. Perhaps, it was due to the fact that we are no longer “Team of the Baltic States”, but the National Team of Latvia. Or, probably, we had taken a right decision of sewing cloaks of Latvian flag colours. Who knows? But now 90% of men attending trainings are indigenous Latvians.

We’re working on both the training process and PR management. We organized a photo session for the National Team. We made calling cards, brochures … update our Facebook page regularly. And we do a lot of other things.

A lot of time passed before I got serious allies, in addition to people from my club “Lubeck”, with whom I can conduct this Business. Some girls, wishing to represent Latvia in “Triathlon”, appeared as well. I’ve already started to train them…

Concerning the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2014… I’m satisfied with the result! I’m pleased with all my guys, without exception!

Among positive moments, I remember Yevgeniy Baranov (captain of the Team Belarus) offering me to fight in “21 vs 21″ for Belarus.

I remember him sharing the medals at the awards ceremony. I remember my feelings when I found out we had left group without any defeats. I remember being proud (on the second day) of my guys fighting against Team Poland, having no backup men and captain. The guys did not panic and showed their best.

As for negative points, I’m not pleased with myself, I injured myself because of constant back heels (it is an effective but painful thing; the verdict here is that I need sabatons). I failed to participate in “Triathlon” because of my injury.

As for the rest, everything was great!


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