Shestakov, Estonia: “Everybody wants to join the main five-member team, and we will hold a qualifying event for that”

29 Oct 2014 10:45

Our impressions concerning “Battle of the Nations”-2014 are great. We would like to fight with all those opponents, who we have already met, again. And there are many others who we would like to meet. As for Russia, we want to go there, but we have only been invited to a training so far. We aren’t ready to fight with the Russians on equal terms.

We will be happy to fight again. Our several victories were a pleasant surprise. We did not know our capabilities, we could only assume how strong our opponents could be. And we are very glad we do not lag behind a lot, we are even ahead of some participants. So, we’ve got a lot of enthusiasm, and we want to consolidate our achievements. Our fans were impressed, they were happy.

“Battle of the Nations” gave us the most intense fighting, which cannot be compared to our Estonian skirmishes. We do not meet very often, but here at home, we know who is worth what, know everyone’s capabilities, so we can foresee outcomes of fights. There is no intrigue! And at “Battle of the Nations” you do not know what opponent you’ll meet and how you will compete with them, you can’t foretell who will be fast, and who will be slow.

I worried about our battles against Ukraine at “Battle of the Nations” most of all. There was hope we could get a draw, at least once. We tried very hard. While there was fighting in groups, the tension was enormous, we were wondering… But fighting against Ukraine we thought only about one thing – to survive and finish on equal terms. We worried about those battles a lot. And every battle we hoped to bring at leat some of those guys down. Alas, those dreams were far from reality.

In Trogir, we understood that the heat and extra weight of armor was a hard mix. We looked closely at armor of our colleagues, now we want to get right armor for ourselves and fight better. We are pleased with the fact no one decided to quit. Our men attend trainings more regularly now. We also understood we had had to prepare for a year, not for a couple of months, and that it was necessary to be fit. Now we’re training systematically, the guys are eager.

One of our best fighters is Yan Murumets, aka “Barbar”. He’s a young and promising guy. He always fights to the last. In some cases, people give up in the end, ‘cause “it’s hard, there’s no chance, etc,” but he never gives up. He can fight against two opponents, despite there’s a little chance for him to win. I do not even understand how he does that. Looking at Yan you see clearly he wants to win, as he is ready to do his best.

To understand the situation around the National Team for the next year, we should get together and hold a qualifier. This year’s applicants for participation will be much more aggressive.

Everybody wants to join the main five-member team, and we will hold a qualifying event for that. And we’ll decide according to the results.

Roman Shestakov,
Historical Medieval Battle club union of Estonia



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania