Coors, Germany: “HMB also gave me a chance to compete internationally against the best and to learn from them.”

10 Nov 2014 11:02

Sebastian Coors,
fighter of the “Zitadelle e.V.” club (Germany),
fighter of the National Team of Germany


I’ve been into HMB for three years now. I’ve chosen triathlon because I prefer to be solely responsible for my wins or losses. I’ve never been much of a team player and I prefer to depend on myself, my own training and skills in a fight. I also like the technical aspect.

I reenact Europe of the 14th century. My favorite weapon is definitely the two-handed sword, I really enjoy working with it.

“Battle of the Nations”-2014 was quite a challenge for our club, as it was the first time we participated there. We did a lot of work preparing for the event, gathering equipment and camp stuff, but it was really worth the effort. It was a great opportunity to compete at a high level and our team had a really great time in Trogir.

At this year’s “Battle of the Nations” I had a few very challenging opponents. I was fortunate to get the opportunity to fight against both Sergey Ukolov and Alexey Petrick. But I was unable to really pose a threat to either of them and they were kind enough to spare the rookie, so I would not say that those were my hardest fights.

I had many quite easy fights at local tournaments, and have to admit there are many inexperienced fighters in Germany, but I hope they will learn and it will be harder to compete with them. My favorite opponent was Alexander Sihorsch, who was competing as Germany-2 at “Battle of the Nations.” He is also from our club and a good friend of mine. We train and learn a lot together and somehow we always get paired up against each other in almost every tournament and we have often met in the final.

I want to improve my performance for the next year, train as hard as I can and gather as much experience as possible. Furthermore, I want to get more into Pro Fights. I have had my first professional bout recently at our club’s event in Nuremberg, also against Yevgeny Bedenko, and I would like to get more opportunities to compete like this. I like his sporting approach.

Until I got into HMB, I had little to do with sports and was in a pretty bad physical shape. I train for four hours every day with one day of rest every week. In addition to my HMB training, I’m currently training at a local Russian boxing club and I’m doing a lot of general strength and fitness training.

HMB also gave me the chance to compete internationaly against the best fighters, to learn from them. Now I can share my experiences with the people in my club and we can raise the level of our club and country.

Something I would really like to try is a professional fight with two-handed sword. At our last event I found someone from team PLK who agreed to do it, but sadly it didn´t work out due to time limits. I really hope to get another chance.



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