Avenirov, Ukraine: “When you participate in a competition, you have to fight to the very end!”

03 Nov 2014 19:26
– People of the HMB movement 
Nikolay Avenirov,  
fighter of the HMB club “Ayna Bera” (Kyiv, Ukraine),
fighter of the National Team of Ukraine
 One of the most titled Ukrainian fighters concerning many things…

… Concerning his way to HMB sport
My way to full contact fighting in armor is familiar to many fighters. My friends told me about a role-playing movement, elves, orcs, textolite swords and other stuff. I became interested, and after searching on the Internet, I found a school of historical fencing called “Ayna Bera.”

The guys dealt shortly with me there and send me to the lists only after a couple of trainings. It was the way everything started. By the way, I’ve been engaged in historical medieval battles for 4 years, but I have never been to role-playing games.


… Concerning his armor and weapons
I have a European set of armor of the XIVth century. Anatomic elements of armor are well-made and well-fitted, I have no discomfort wearing the set. The armor is light, provides nice protection. My bascinet with visor allows me to breath freely, gives a great field of view, and the visor protects my eyes from blinding sun :).

The choice of combat weapons is not so important, the main point here is your ability to handle weapons. I usually take falchion and a small elbow shield or buckler. The kit is handy, does not interfere with my movements. As for pole arms, I haven’t got along with them so far. Special training is necessary, you have to learn how to deliver blows efficiently. I’ve tried to participate in buhurt using pole arms, a couple of times. I managed to deliver two or three blows within a battle, but provoked too much aggression from my opponents, like three fighters.

… Concerning workouts
You have to train hard! :). We do not have time to relax and talk while training, because we need to do a lot having little time.… Concerning tournaments
Tournaments for us are an opportunity to practise and learn something new, so we try to participate in all categories. At first, it’s difficult, of course, but then you get involved. You have to obey your coach, no whimpering is allowed. It is one of the basic principles of “Ayna Bera”, “when you participate in a competition, you have to fight to the very end!”

… Concerning the season of 2014
This year’s season was quite successful for “Ayna Bera” and “Knyaz” clubs. A lot of promising novices joined us, we have to train and equip them, so it’s time to order new armor. In terms of tactics and strategy, we achieved a lot as well, now we have to learn how we can apply our knowledge. In addition, the season almost never ends for us, semi-finals and finals of the team tournament “Knight of Kyiv Detinets” are approaching, as well as new qualifying events for the World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2015, so there’s no time to rest.

… Concerning tournament categories
All tournament categories are interesting to me, but I like duels most of all. This year I joined the National Team of Ukraine as a fighter of a “five-member team”, and as a triathlon fighter, but I chose duels after all.In my opinion, triathlon is the most difficult category, both morally and physically. The result of the fight depends solely on you, no one can help you when you’re in trouble, and you can blame no one else if you lose.

As for triathlon, I want to cross swords with fighters from Russia (Sergey Ukolov, Yeugeniy Lapik and Aleksey Petrik) and Poland (Szatecki brothers). Actually, the tournament grid implies them :). I’ve never competed with tournament fighters from Belarus on the lists. But I think it would be very interesting, as far as I know, they are strong fighters. I’d like to cross swords with other foreign teams, it would be interesting, and every new fight means new experience.

… Concerning surprises… 
This year, for example, I was surprised by the Italians. It was my first experience when the support group of my opponents pressed on me harder than my opponents. Every time I missed, they cheered a lot, as if their fighter was a winner, and that made me nervous. 
… Concerning “Battle of the Nations”-2015
I hope next “Battle of the Nations” will attract even more participating countries, more new opponents, and I’m waiting for the venue to be announced as soon as possible!

Interview by
Miroslav Eremenko,

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