Real HMB family: a fighter and two Marshals

14 Apr 2018 19:31
It seems like everyone in Argentina loves HMB sport. There are many families going in for this sport. And now you will know about one more family involved in HMB. Roxana E. Ruiz de Miauro and her husband Edward are Marshals, their daughter Paula D. Miauro is a duelist fighter, and this story started thanks to her.

Paula began to practice HMB sport in “CECM” HMB club three years ago. Her parents supported her with all their hearts and traveled to the local HMB events with their child as a support team. Afterwards, Roxana and Edward decided to join this sport to have an opportunity to take care and protect Paula in such a tough sport. But our heroes are real “daddy and mummy”, so they decided to protect all fighters and prevent life-threatening situations in the list. So, their HMB way began from that moment.

Roxana E. Ruiz de Miauro:
“I enrolled in HMB Argentina to study and I went to the BotN-2017 in Barcelona as a Trainee. There I trained with Ana Laura Hernandez, Sergey Glubokin and others, and I learned a lot from them. Upon returning to Argentina I took a test in Spanish, that enable me as a Marshal for Argentina Tournaments. In September I was marshaling the “San Isidro Classic” with George Yurchak as a Knight Marshal. Edward accompanied me, helping as a Secretary and time keeper”.

At that time, they organized the Summit and tried to pass the exam with George Yurchak. Edward was approved to be a Trainee. But Roxana`s English wasn`t good enough to become an HMBIA certificated Marshal.

After that, there was a tournament in USA and new opportunities to work with George Yurchak and Vitaly Makarian. It was a great and invaluable experience for her. Edward was always by Roxana’s side and helped her a lot. Both of them passed the online exams and are going to take the practice exams in Rome.

Roxana even tried herself as a Knight Marshal at the “Sonora Tournament” – a very important tournament for USA. There they had three Marshals trainees and the “Rugir de Dragones” tournament in Chile. The tournament went perfectly, and after it Roxana opened a “Marshals school” with five young women, with the help of Ana Laura Hernandez Reginleif.

Roxana E. Ruiz de Miauro:
“It is very important for me to see that HMB sport grows, to train Marshals and preserve fighters. But I understand that there could be nothing at all without the support of my beloved people. There are four children in our family, and they support us a lot. They believe in Edward and me”.
Roxana also told that they had to be at the Chilean tournament right on the birthday of their daughter Cynthia. But the girl understood that her parents were needed in Chile more. Their children know that Roxana loves this sport and that HMB is also a Family for her.

So, it is wonderful that HMB sport becomes a part of life of whole families and unites people.


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