Yorick Zelessen, the Netherlands: a real team player!

18 Apr 2018 17:38
It all started way back in 2009, when Yorick had been keen on re-enactment. He just heard about HMB sport and the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”, but it didn’t get his blood flowing at that point in time. This story is about Yorick Zelessen, a chairman of the “HMB Federatie Nederland” from the Netherlands.

Four years passed and Yorick got to right place in right time. He came to the “Bloodstock Open Air” metal festival, where he saw demonstrative fights of the teams from the UK, Germany and Spain. There he was caught in the HMB nets!

Yorick Zelessen:
“That’s when the virus got me. So I started talking to Mark Annable and Nick Birkin and they pointed me out to some guys in the Netherlands that were starting to set up a team. Back home I got in contact with them and from there on things were starting to take shape”.

In 2014 Yorick and his new friends founded the first team in the Netherlands – “The Dutch Medieval Combat Association”, or TDMCA for short. It wasn`t easy, but they did it! From that time Yorick tried himself in many categories of HMB fights, but he understood that there is only one category that makes his heart burning like a fire – it is the buhurt “21 vs 21″! Buhurt is his love.

There is another love in his life – his girlfriend, Cabrielle. She supports Yorick all the time as well as his parents.

Yorick Zelessen:
“Luckily my family is very supportive. When I met my girlfriend, Cabriëlle, I explained her about HMB and since that day she always comes with me to trainings and competitions to help me and, basically, every other fighter that needs help. So, you can say she is very supportive. Also my parents like this sport and help me out like lending me their camper van to go to competitions”.

HMB sport became an important part of his life. Even now, after four years, he still remembers his first fight. It was at the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2015 in Prague. Yorick was a mercenary for Austria in the 21’s, but now he can`t remember their opponents. He was exited, fresh and unexperienced. But, according to him, it was unforgettable!

Every new fight and tournament is a challenge for every fighter, so you have to be ready! Yorick and his team, “Lions of Steel”, train every week. Besides, Yorick does cardio and fitness. He wants to be in good shape to conquer with different opponents. But he likes HMB sport not only for its tough fights and cool weapon. There’s something that is more important!

Yorick Zelessen:
“What I like in this sport is that it’s very physical, you really need to be in good shape to perform. Also the competitiveness in the list, but the friendship and mutual respect outside of the list is something you don’t often see in sports”.

So, now you know more about Yorick Zelessen as a fighter. Let`s find out his goals as a chairman for “HMB Federatie Nederland” (the Dutch HMB Federation). The main Yorick`s goal is to make the sport bigger and more known in the Netherlands. Also the goals of the “HMB Federatie Nederland” is to provide a point of contact between the HMBIA or other clubs, or National Federations and the clubs in the Netherlands and to consult newcomers, who just came to the sport, and share information between the clubs.

As we can see, Yorick Zelessen is a real team player in sport, in the work of Federation and in life. So let`s wish him new victories in all his deeds and traditionally can`t wait to see him in the list of the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018 in the Castle of Santa Severa.


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