Copa San Paulo sets records in Latin America

19 Apr 2018 16:38

Copa San Paulo is one of the biggest HMB tournament in Brazil and whole Latin America, which took place in the same-name city on April 14, 2018. This HMB event was great – there were 30 fighters from seven Brazilian teams, and it was attended by over 2000 people.

Here are the results in all categories:
“Polearms” duel category:
1 – Gregorio – “SCAM”
2 – João Soares – Companhia Vermelha
3 – Flavio Pinho – Companhia da Espada de Prata

“Sword and Shield”
1 – Fabio Toniolo – Companhia da Espada de Prata
2 – Franco Soares – Companhia Vermelha
3 – Cecílio – Steel Lions

1 – Rodrigo Alvarez – Companhia Vermelha
2 – Lucas Machado – SCAM
3 – Thiago Casimiro – Sociedade Medieval da Rosa de Ferro

Profight >100kg
1 – Jordan – SCAM
2 – Edson Lobo – Companhia da Espada de Prata

Profight <75kg
1 – Flavio Lopes – Lâminas das Gerais
2 – Gregório – SCAM
3 – Raphael Gimli – Companhia da Espada de Prata

Buhurt “3 vs 3″
1 – “SCAM”
2 – “Companhia Vermelha”
3 – “Lobos de Guerra”

This tournament took place in Pacaembu Gymnasium (São Paulo). But there were not only fights. Audience had an opportunity to feel real Middle Ages visiting a medievalist reenactors area, medieval fair, hit the target in bow and arrow games or other medieval plays, or trying food that was cooked to the real medieval recipes.

Daniel Filipe was a member of the organization team of the event. He told that they were happy to see Brazilian audience and fighters showing up and hope to host an international HMB competition someday.

It is great that HMB sport unites such a number of people and make their hearts beat synchronously.

Pictures by Yakov


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