Flávio Lopes, Brazil: sport is a good alternative

15 Apr 2018 18:42
Flávio Lopes, the fighter of the National Team of Brazil, in his usual life trying to help children understand that there are a lot of ways to make their lives much better. One of this way is sport. He created a presentation to introduce HMB to “ordinary” people and has been visiting schools for a year now in his armour, giving children lectures, in which he combined the medieval history, HMB sport and social messages. Such conversations with young people became an important part of his life.
Flávio is a teacher and, of course, he told his students about his sport from time to time. History teachers were very interested, especially because they were professing the Medieval Europe history, so they asked him to prepare a presentation. After the first one, all the school’s staff liked it a lot, and they spread the word to other schools as well, and so it begins – nowadays Flávio gives lectures almost every week.
The main idea of these presentations is to believe in your dreams, study hard and stay in the Light and on the Righteous Path. A life will try to put you down, but eventually, you will find your own Happiness. Flávio is always trying to show pupils that there are other ways, better ways. Sport is one of them.
The children’s reaction was quite good! Teachers told Flavio that even the students with bad behavior and the most difficult ones were surprisingly interested and asked when he would return?
His job is awesome even if it’d helped only one child to choose the light side: the sport or education.

HMB sport is important for Flavio as well. He told that HMB has given him health, both mental and physical, and he can show students this option too. He uses sport to prove his point of view. Flavio is a talented and successful fighter – he has just got the first place at the Nationals in the profight category “under 75kg”.

Flavio Lopes:
“It’s not much, but I’m proud of myself, because the place I live is far-far-far away from any other fighters, so I do my trainings alone, and I have a lot to learn from Filipe Canabrava. Every time I met with him, I learn something new”.

And he is willing to teach his students to learn something new in order to improve yourself every day!


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