Country in numbers – the story of China

12 Apr 2018 18:13
China is a huge country, which is not associated with armor, knights and medieval fights. However, everyone in the HMB movement knows that once you try yourself in this sport, you cannot stop it. This is also applicable to Chinese athletes. They are new to HMB, but their team has already took part in the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2017 in Barcelona. Gao Peng, a manager of the National Team of China and the captain of the Buhurt League team “Half-ton”, told about how HMB sport develops in his country. Here is what we managed to find out.

When did the HMB start in China?
– We started in 2016, when we went to Milan for the HMB summit, which was the first time we got contact with HMB family officially.

How many clubs are in China?
– Now we got three HMB clubs in total, but just our club “Huben” took part in the HMB tournament like the “Battle of the Nations”, “Dynamo Cup”. Other two are “Local hot pot” and “Yi Chan” – they will take part in the “Battle of the Nations” this year.

How many fighters are in clubs in general?
– In “Huben” club we have about 13 fighters from team “Half-ton” and team “RedStar”. In the “Local hot pot’ club there are five fighters and “Yi Chan” got two athletes.

How many certificated national and international Marshals do you have?
– We have no Marshals yet, but we are working on solving this problem.

Are there any kind of rivalry between clubs?
– Not so, but sometimes we make the small competitions between different teams.

How do you evaluate the qualification level of fighters in your country? Could you please describe with some examples?
– As beginners, the most of us are just learning, so we mainly see whether fighters have strong willing, really like this sport, if they are training hard and have a correct attitude in historical sense.

How many tournaments were held in 2017?
– Just one small tournament, but we are planning to organize more

Summarize and plans for the future.
– Our main goal is to develop HMB sport in China and to make our own tournaments.

What was new in the HMB movement in China last year?
– As we are new to this sport, everything is new for us. The most important thing is that we took part in the “Battle of the Nations”-2017 and “Dynamo Cup”-2017.

Do fighters treat HMB as a hobby or as a serious kind of sport?
– Our athletes treat it as a serious kind of sport and are trying to gain skills as much as possible.

What are the tasks for developing HMB for the nearest future?
– More fighters, more clubs, more victories, and to make our own HMB tournaments.

So, this was the statistics of the HMB sport development in China. They love the sport, they want to fight and win – they have almost everything to implement their plans and develop HMB sport in the country. We wish them success and look forward to their National Team in the lists of the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018 in Rome.


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