My first BotN: Jesper Marinus Millinge (Norway)

19 May 2020 11:01

“German team scared me a lot on the list”, Jesper Marinus Millinge, fighter of the Norway national team recalls his debut on the Battle of the Nations – 2019. There are 7 on them came to Serbia willing to fight! 

Everything was awesome till the fight against Germany. The tournament impressed Norwegians with its organization, different categories and number of participants. The National team of Norway is quite new in HMB sport, but they are strong and disciplined. They passed through a lot of buhurts during the tournament, but Germans were remembered more:

“The most interesting opponent for our team must definitely have been Germany because they gave us a real good beating. I think personally for me the most memorable moment of BotN 2019 must’ve been when a German fighter hit a buckler, that I had borrowed from the Swedes, so hard that it got knocked out of my hand and was really dented, and afterwards I was left locked against the list with only the short shaft of my mace to protect against their halberd strikes”, – confessed Jesper.


They lost that fight, but won something very valuable. Norwegians made a lot of new friends from too many different countries to list and understood as long they have enough willing and able team members for a 5v5 team, they are determined to take part in as many BotN as possible. So, we hope that this team will make it to the next BotN in 2021! 



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania