My first BotN: Aleksandra Soloshenko (Kazakhstan)

20 May 2020 11:00


“My first Battle of the Nations did not live up to my expectations”, – admitted Alexandra Soloshenko, who represented Kazakhstan at the HMB World Championship in Serbia. An ambitious and experienced athlete had high hopes for the Battle of the Nations -2019. But, capricious fortune ordered the results differently:

“I had very serious preparations all year, trained 10 times a week and expected to get at least 3 medals for Kazakhstan. But, I did not take into account the human factor. Having shown excellent results at the qualifiers, I had high expectations and  raised my bar. It was my huge mistake! I was not prepared mentally for such a tournament and a month before the Battle of the Nations I got insomnia and struggled with extreme stress”, – recalls Alexandra.


As you know, stress is the athlete’s worst enemy. Alexandra admitted that a week before the Battle of the Nations she lost a lot of weight and muscle mass. As a result, instead of the planned three medals, one came out – silver in the Sword and Buckler category! However, this is a stunning debut for an athlete in particular and the country as a whole!

“The World Championship is that tournament, which cannot be prepared in 8 months, people have been preparing for it for years. So I’m really happy with my silver medal. As Yevgeny Sukhotin, the captain of our national team of Kazakhstan, said, “our team is the most effective: one fighter – one medal!”

Thanks to Alexandra, Kazakhstan became part of the Championship`s history and the country’s flag flew over the ancient Serbian fortress during the 10th anniversary of the HMB World Championship: Battle of the Nations.



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania