My first BotN: Gao Peng (China)

09 May 2020 11:00

In 2017, several new countries joined the Battle of the Nations, one of which was China. Everyone was looking forward to meeting the Celestial Team, whose culture has always been unique and completely unlike the European one. They impatiently wanted to enter the lists as soon as possible.

HMBIA News asked Gao Peng, the captain of the China National team to tell us about the BotN experience of his team and his personally: 

“Before 2017 we’d never try any HMB competition, just tried few trainings with BotN rules. So, I completely never saw what’s the real buhurt is. Three of us were mercenaries for the team German in 21 vs 21. when we came to the lists, the teams of Russia and Italy fought there. I was shocked even legs started shaking, it is REAL  battleground – the clash of steel, the noise of armor moving, people running, dust flying… …”calm down” I told myself, and keep deep breath. After that, when I got into the list, everything goes fine, just hit, down and learn”.- recalls Gao.


Also Gao remembered one more tough story about the camping where lived all teams. 
“It’s a bit cold in the night, so we cooked some food with Chinese style, some alcohols and invited our Netherlands friends to visit us. It was the end of the second competitive day, the party started from our place then lasted to Brazilian camp and other, many guys who finished their fights joined us”.

So now we know what was happening on the other side of this huge party this night! It was a necessary emotional discharge and stress relief after the first taste of real HMB battles!  The national team of China passed through it and didn’t give up in their willing to be part of the huge HMB family.



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania