My first BotN: Antonio de Zio (Italy)

13 May 2020 11:00

Italy is the second European country that joined BotN in 2011. It was held in the Ukrainian city Khotyn. This time the Italian team went to Ukraine to take part in this big event, as they saw it, but things changed during the Battle of the Nations Opening ceremony. 

“I was the captain of our National team, but we felt only like a group of friends who went to fight. Only when we went with our flag to the opening ceremony, with all the other countries and listen all the national anthems of the participants, we understood that we were representing our nation!” recalls Antonio.


Italians took part in buhurts 5vs5 and duels. They gave their best on the lists. Even Dmitry Trostin remembers these fights:

“Italians were remembered from foreign teams – their team participated in 2011. They then demonstrated very worthy, one might say, even chivalrous, courageous behavior. Thanks to all this, they forever settled in my heart! ” – admitted Dmitry Trostin.


After the end of fights Italian team had an opportunity to have some time. They enjoyed the festival and even parties at the historical camp at nights with fighters from other countries.   

“I remember the evening of our departure. We drove for 40 minutes and then stop to sleep because we were tired of having little sleep those days!” 


As we can see, the Italian program of visit was very tight! According to Antonio, they were not quite prepared for this kind of tournament but they got much more than expected:
“We went more for experience than to have a result. We beat the Polish team in 5vs5, so we were already satisfied about it. Actually, everything was memorable in that event. From a certain point of view it was my favourite”.


From that time they took part in all Battle of the Nations and from year to year they became even stronger and more dangerous opponents. So let’s wait a little and will see the team in the lists of the Battle of the Nations 2021!



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania