My first BotN: Facundo Camilo Lopez (Argentina)

21 May 2020 11:00

The first Battle of the Nations for Facundo Camilo Lopez, captain of the Argentinian national team of 2017-2018, was in 2016 in Prague. He recalls it with great pleasure and shared with us some moments of the Prague BotN.

“It was some kind of magic for me! First European travel, first medieval camp of that level and good list in the arena. It was great! Especially for me as I was a new fighter with only 3 tournaments behind – HMB First Class and Copa Grifo in Argentina, and Dynamo Cup in Russia. I was part of the Argentina 1 team for 5 vs 5 and we managed to pass the group stage. Everything went well. We enjoyed the tournament and good fights until in the play off phase we faced Denmark team…” recalls Facundo.


Denmark had more experience in HMB, better armour and good fighting strategy, so they won. Argentina 1 had to leave the list for 1 year. There were tough fights against the best HMB athletes of the world and Argentina showed great results. They fought like lions without any fear and got the prize for the Will to Win.

“It really made us so happy! I will always cherish that tournament as I have a lot of great memories about BotN 2016” noticed Facundo. 


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania