My first BotN: Aveloc Twiceborn (USA)

22 May 2020 11:00

Well Known USA representative, and former captain of the USA National team Aveloc Twiceborn started his BotN experience way back in 2012. He was the smallest fighter on the USA Alpha team. Traditionally, without hiding anything, Aveloc shared with us his recollection of that first Battle of the Nations, and it wasn’t a piece of cake for him:

“I was originally assigned to be the captain of the “B” team but due to circumstances I was dragged on to the Alpha team that got its ass kicked .. though more importantly for me, our “B” team went further and fought more cohesively …  

While believing his displacement unfair, he followed the orders of his Captain and fought his best while getting thoroughly trounced. Many remember this iconic photo where blood was seen at his nose and mouth. Aveloc remember it also:

“A good lesson… It was a much younger me and more innocent HMB … both very different creatures … As I recall that shot came from a fighter on Ukraine 1 named  Alexey Kasyanov and it broke my nose” … But this did not stop the charismatic and stubborn fighter. “When the marshals asked me if I wanted to stop fighting, as it was 2 on 1 at the end of the match, I honestly could not even understand why they would ask.” 

“I remember that because of the distinctive helmet and the language barriers at the time, the Russian fighters called me ‘the American’, which I found quite flattering, but the next year in France it got even better when I apparently earned the moniker ‘the elf’ because they could not believe I was over 50 years old and fighting.” Aveloc intrigues us.

After honing his skills in bohurt and as a duelist he returned as National Captain for the USA for BotN 2016 in Prague and led his team to new victories for the following years. Since those first days he remains bloodied but unbowed and has found his place in the storied and colorful history of HMB sports.


HMBIA News hopes to meet Aveloc again at the Battle of the Nations location in 2021 and after. 



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania