My first BotN: Arturo Gutiérrez (Mexico)

17 May 2020 11:00

“I remember that my first BotN was in Prague in 2016, I was so nervous because it was my first international tournament” recalls Arturo Gutiérrez from Mexico. 

That year Arturo managed to fight for two countries – Mexico and Italy. The fight with the Italian squad was versus Poland in 21vs21. It was tough as these teams are strong and experienced. 


“This time I participated as a mercenary with the Italian team, it was an incredible experience!”

Of course it was incredible – just think about the debut fight where the newbee saw a lot of weapons around, strikes, screams, dust…. It’s not enough to stay alive in this mighty crowd! You have to be useful for your team. Having passed the test in a massive battle, Arturo already felt more confident in buhurts, where he was already fighting for his country in the Mexico 2 team.

Arturo recalls everything that happened after the fighting with special warmth. Arturo and his team had a great time at the historic camp:

“We got a lot of new friends, sincere conversations and lots of technical learning about HMB, plus each BOTN is an opportunity to meet new countries and new culture. That tournament stayed in memory as my favorite tournament!”

Four years have passed since that Battle of the Nations for the Mexicans and still they are inspired in HMB and get stronger from year to year! This time they have more time to prepare for the next BotN so let’s wait for their fights on the lists in 2021. 



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania