My first BotN: Jan Burgerstein (Czech Republic)

16 May 2020 11:20

Inexperienced dreamers in weak armor came to the Battle of the Nations in 2013 from the Czech Republic. Everything was new for them and they had to make many discoveries. This Championship taught many lessons that they have learned and have become one of the strongest teams in Europe. But the beginning of their BotN path was very painful:

“I was very new to this sport as I had started just 4 months before. It was also the first time we made the Czech national team. I fought for the second Czech team that was connected with slovaks. We were inexperienced, so our first fights were a catastrophe. Our training wasn’t effective and our armour was low quality. I didn’t know what to expect, but I absolutely fell in love with buhurt and it still goes on”, recalls Jan Burgerstein.

The Czechs understood that such things as training programs, armour sets and some aspects of strategy should be changed, and BotN gave them all possible opportunities to learn. They met experienced fighters and learned more about how to do this sport, how to train and make armour. Also Jan and his team met a lot of new friends with the same passion. 


Like-minded people sharing the same passion with you is the biggest reward you can get at the Battle of Nations. Here you make friends for life and the Czechs got such a priceless award!

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania