My first BotN: Julian Angelozzi (South Africa)

11 May 2020 11:00

In 2019, the flag of South Africa was flown at the Battle of the Nations for the first time. The 10th anniversary championship was the debut of a representative of this distant country. Despite the fact that there was only 1 fighter from South Africa, he had enough impressions of everything he saw and felt at the Championship for a long time!

“Serbia was my first BotN experience and it was truly amazing!  I was there representing South Africa by myself with my wife and children supporting. I took part in the Sword and Shield category and profights . In both cases I was significantly challenged and although did not get out of the pool stage I count those truly transformative in my fighting career”.


This Battle of the Nations was very different for Julian Angelozzi. There were a lot of new things for the South African fighter, “It was fun and tough at the same time. It taught me about the standard of fighting and that even when I am leaking blood that I can still keep going with maximum effort! There was a lot of blood!” Julian took part in the profight and was injured. These profights will be remembered for a long time! He describes how it was:

“It was my profight against Lukasz Wojciechowski from Poland. I got shield punches a number of times and did not have a chin strap, so my helm cut my nose and my eyebrow. It was my first international profight ever! But I had split his forehead above his right eye, so we got patched up together and we discussed and he explained to me how to improve my shield punches. Afterwards we shook hands and I got a new friend”. 

According to Julian, Battle of the Nations 2019 was spectacular and exciting, with a lot of different events, activities and market making the atmosphere vibrant! Julian Angelozzi with family stayed in the medieval camp and these were separate impressions. With the music every night, the awesome people they met and new friendships they made:
“This has been a life experience which my family and I will forever treasure! I cannot wait to take part in the next BOTN!”

HMBIA editorial office also can`t wait to meet Julian in 2021 in the lists of the Battle of the Nations. 

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania