Wurzian, Austria: “What I really like about Eastern-style armor is its flexibility and mobility”




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I’ve been using European gear for some years. I was, let’s say, 80% satisfied with my old gear but I faced many difficulties when I tried to improve it. When the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2014 approached, one of my fighters needed a new coat of plates and leg harness desperately. I was unable to fight in Trogir because of my knee injury, that’s why I sold him my stuff so he could fight there.


Talking about Trogir, I didn’t have a full gear and I planned to order new stuff after the Championship. At “Battle of the Nations” a Ukrainian fighter from “Sharukhan Clan” showed up in my camp and asked me if I wanted to buy his used helmet. I liked the design and it fitted pretty well, so I bought it.


Having an Eastern-style helmet alone didn’t make any sense, so I talked to him about his body armor and after a while he agreed to sell me his “Hatangu Degel” kaftan.


So, having body armor and helmet it was easy to order Eastern-style greaves from my favorite armor master Maxim Suprovich (“Wild Armoury”, Ukraine). I got the Bazundbands from Belarus and ordered brigandine mittens from “Age of Craft”, Ukraine. It was pretty damn easy to finish that set :). What I really like about Eastern-style armor is its flexibility and mobility. You can move smoothly and feel comfortable.


Concerning weapons and shields, I use some type of falchion and a round shield. I serve as runner in my team, so I need a weapon for fast attacks and close combat.


Heinrich Stefan Wurzian,

captain of the National Team of Austria



Interview by

Katherine Koda,


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