Pohl, Czech Republic: “I want to feel the smell of victory, that´s for sure”






For me it is important to have all my stuff (armor and weapons) checked before entering the lists.


When I´m in the fight, I want to be useful for my team. I want to do my best and I want to lead my team to victory.


After the fight, I want to see all my teammates and rivals back on their feet without injuries. And I want to feel the smell of victory, that´s for sure.


Now, after our elimination tournaments, we have a clear view concerning the National Team’s composition and we are focusing on training. So, our mood is very good! Everybody is looking forward to “Battle of the Nations”-2015!


Yes, I’m still a captain. Nobody wants to do this job… :). And, if to be serious, I am really glad to have as big support of all my fighters as I have now. It´s a great feeling and I will do my best not to disappoint them.


Pepa Josif Pohl,

captain of “MFC Vysocina” club (Czech Republic),

captain of the National Team of Czech Republic



Interview by 

Miroslav Eremenko,