Lukashov, Kazakhstan: “Medieval city adds to the general effect of the event”




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It’s nice that this year’s “Battle of the Nations” will be held in Prague. It seems to me, a festival or an event cannot be held in a “spherical vacuum,” it’s always closely connected with the venue. And Prague is a quite old city with rich history and beautiful architecture. I mean that entourage of the “real” medieval city adds to the general effect of the event, making it even brighter.


Of course, representatives of Kazakhstan are very eager to participate in the tournament. We are actively preparing and working on ourselves and our techniques.


We train according to the system of historical fencing club “Bayard” because we are their North Kazakhstan branch. The basis of our general physical training is CrossFit. Also, we are now paying more attention to wrestling techniques. And I don’t mention fencing, ‘cause it goes without saying :).


Before the appearance of HMB sport in its modern form, many of us combined martial arts and historical fencing, but, as we say, did not mix them. Historical fencing was a separate business, while martial arts were separate too, they served different purposes. Now we combine all the skills that we have. Out team mainly consists of former athletes. But they are mostly engaged in oriental martial arts, most of all – karate. That is why we are now learning wrestling techniques, starting with the basics, of course, because we lack such skills. Live and learn, as they say!


But we do not forget about other important organizational issues, in particular financial ones. At the moment, we’re actively looking for sponsors. If everything goes according to the plan, the National Team of Kazakhstan will come to Prague and show itself on the world stage!


Vitaliy Lukashov,

HMB fighter,

President of a “Bayard-Legion” HMB club, Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan

(a branch of historical fencing club “Bayard”, Moscow, Russia),

HMBIA supervisor in Kazakhstan



Interview by

Anastasia Kovalenko,


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