First Class Tournament in Argentina




29-30 of August Buenos Aires held First Class Tournament in Argentina. This event organized by FACoM (“Medieval Combat Argentina Federation” in Spanish), with support from HMB International Association and the Municipality of San Isidro. Russia, Brazil and Chile showed their skills and strength participating in the tournament. It was exhausting and it was a success for several reasons, such as – more than thirty thousand spectators came to the event and saw great show.


Bohurt “5vs5″:

1st place – club “Bern” (Russia)

2nd place – club “Compagnia del Lobo Negro” (Argentina)

3rd place – club “CECM” (Argentina).

According to fighters, all the countries involved as fighters were excited to fight with russian HMB-club “Bern” to see if they could throw one figther.


Juan Manuel Chevasco Diaz, fighter of “C.E.C.M.” Bohurt club, President of Argentina´s Medieval Combat Federation: “I had a fight on the past against Russians.. and.. the same impression got this year.. they are MACHINES. Obviusly, they are the best, we learn with the best”.


Martina Ochoa, fighter of “Valherjes” HMB club, fighter of the National Team of Argentina, member of the orgteam: “I was part of orgteam of the Tournament First Class and after two days of the event I can tell that I’m rested. Organizing the tournament, there were many difficulties that arose before and during the event. Such as many fighters were retired, and many new ones wanted to join at the last minute. Another example was that there were many Brazilian fighters came late to the event, because in the airport thought they had stolen a museum for their armors and weapons”.


All the problems were resolved thanks to the great teamwork that carried out the Argentina Federation of Medieval Combat.


Martina Ochoa,

fighter of “Valherjes” HMB club,

fighter of the National Team of Argentina,

member of the orgteam First Class Tournament Argentina


Juan Manuel Chevasco Diaz,

couch of strategy, tactics and technics,

fighter of the National team of ArgentinaInterview



by Katherine Koda, HMBIA News

At the First Class there were three categories:

- Bohurt “5vs5″

- Triatlon Male

- Triatlon Female


Juan Manuel Chevasco Diaz: “Really, the HMB Argentina did all what they have, working shoulder to shoulder with FACoM “Medieval Combat Argentina Federation” in Spanish. We do an amazing work group, working together to do the best event of HMB on Latin America, I will add, without Andy Di Francesco  this event could not have been built, she is the best representative of HMB, if was not like that … would not have existed HMB First Class tournament”.


1st Class Tournament in Argentina accompanied by the Historical Recreation Assistants of Argentina, craftsmen and artists of national medieval atmosphere, working together. The purpose of this is to promote the sport and culture of the Middle Ages in the Argentine territory for the whole community.


Martina Ochoa: “As part of orgteam I can tell that my impression after the tournament was a huge sense of satisfaction , realizing that the Argentina Federation Combat Medieval ( FACoM ) not only achieved the goals but exceeded them too”.


Photos from Laura Kofman:

Day 1:

Day 2:

1st class ARG 5

The top three in the Male Triathlon were from the club “Bern” (Russia). and other tree places got club “CECM” from Argentina.


1st place – Vitali Gryzlov (“BERN” 1)

2nd place – Sergei Kurtisin (“BERN” 2)

3rd place – Mikhail Kolpaschivok (“BERN” 3)

1st class ARG MALE

Female triathlon:

1st place – Sofia Sueldo (Club CECM, Argentina )

2nd place – Sofia Zarco (Club Acero y Sangre, Argentina)

3rd place – Sofia Villa (Club Última Guardia, Argentina) .

1st class ARG FEM