America needs heroes. National team of USA needs you!




As a result of a draw on 30 of May National team of USA in Historical Medieval Battle got to the group with really strong Teams from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Austria. Support your Team not in word but in deed! If you care about the National team’s victory – join the ranks of the USA Team! 


Perhaps, exactly your fighting qualities and experience of participation in a fullcontact tournaments in armour will help the Team of USA to get such a vertiginous victory, and the highest award of the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2014. Personally for you – glory and HMB fans recognition from all over the world.


There is not so much time, and the number of vacant places is limited.


America needs you and you need America!


Look Sharp, Be Sharp, Go National Team of USA!



HMB-Association of the USA