“Rogday’s Craft” Yar-Tur “: 15 years of experience and development

18 Jun 2021 23:53

The workshop “Rogday’s Craft” Yar-Tur “ is widely known in Ukraine and far beyond its borders. The workshop was nominated for our ‘The Artisans and Craftsmen People’s Choice Award’ competition for the HMBIA quality mark. The workshop, located in the city of Kiev, is engaged in the production of replicas such as shoes, bags, belts and hats from the period of the 9th – 17th centuries.

If you have not heard about this workshop, we will introduce it to you today! 

The owner and chief craftswoman Inna Maleva has been in business for 15 years!

“Since 15 years ago there were not enough crafters who could make good and historically correct costumes or its elements, I had to take matters into my own hands and manufacture everything that my like-minded people might need,” said Inna.

At the very beginning of the journey, the craftswoman set a high standard for the quality of products for herself and since then she has consistently raised it! Over time, her work was appreciated outside her native Ukraine. Inna said that today her work can be seen on reenactors and HMB athletes from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Belarus. Also in the vastness of North and South America, Hawaii, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand and even Thailand and Japan. This is definitely admirable!

“There is always something to strive for. I always try to create products that are consistent with the historical period and in harmony with the customer’s costume, for example, a headdress made of natural materials.

I usually take the styles for my products from archaeological and pictorial sources of a certain period”.

According to the craftswoman, she uses only the highest quality materials for her work. If there is an opportunity to find the necessary materials for making a suit, or elements for said suit in Ukraine, then she prefers to use the materials of local production. But she also orders fabrics and blanks for products in other countries. Sometimes it takes time to find a specific material or fabric. Especially if the order is unusual. 

In a conversation with the HMBIA News reporter, Inna told about her most interesting orders. Considering 15 years of experience, it was very interesting to learn about the most memorable items!

“An interesting and complex project of the workshop was the production of a Khazar headdress from silk with leather applique and fur trim. It was not easy, but it turned out very nicely. As well as Khazar status boots with patterns and silk trim.

It was very interesting to participate in the project to create a princely hat with a diadem of the late 10th – early 11th centuries.

But, the most unusual for me was the order to sew a Viking Age wedding suit for a groom from Germany. The main condition was that this costume could still be used at historical festivals after his wedding. I am always glad to receive new and interesting orders. ”

In addition, Inna noted that some of the items cannot be made without interaction with other craftsmen from her team.

These are foundry workers, jewelers, natural dye manufacturers, weavers and many others. Without their work, there would be no final result.


The customers of the workshop are very different and there is an individual approach to each one. Someone is well-versed in the chosen period and clearly knows exactly what they want. But, most clients need advice. Inna tells them about the historical features of the costume, styles and materials. According to her, it is important to hear the client and help to choose exactly what will be convenient, beautiful and durable.

Inna generously shares her experience with everyone at master classes and is looking for interesting projects for herself.

And a new challenge for Inna Maleva was the opportunity to receive the HMBIA quality mark.

HMBIA News editors thanks the craftswoman for the conversation and wishes her new interesting projects and success in our competition!

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